Reportei review [2022]: Powerful alternative to Agency Analytics

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What is Reportie?

Generally, Reportei is the digital marketing and reporting tool that focuses on social media. Besides, the software relies on Instagram Reports, Google –Ads, YouTube videos, GA, Facebook reports, Linkedln reports, etc.

It is a practical, helpful tool recently in the market. It helps people in different industries quickly analyze and generate dashboards and reports in your digital marketing channels. Reportei focuses on rapidly collecting your data from your social networks to offer your social media platforms analyst data to typically present to customers and companies.

Further, the Reportei reporting tool offers a demonstration of the client’s request. This means it can utilize for big and fresh companies. The good news is that it permits all categories of customizing equipment required to make an automated report on your platform eventually.

Why Invest in Reportie?

Reportei tends to make everything simple when analyzing the key metrics on our active social media platforms such as Instagram, Linkedln, Google, Youtube, and Facebook. By analyzing these channels, you can save time when researching and collecting data that powers your eCommerce. In just minutes, Reportei allows you effectively generate comprehensive dashboards and reports to eventually present to your clients and the entire team.

Essentially, you can create templates with essential metrics for your digital marketing strategy, which may be reused for other related projects. In this way, some can actively focus on expanding their clients’ bases and improving the services’ quality. You can track the performance of your email marketing campaigns and ads via connecting to Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and MailChimp still using Reportei.

Further, someone can also generate tables and graphs that display relevant information regarding your targeted audience and engagement. The good news is that you can condense everything about your social data only into a specific report. This gives you a clear and detailed view of the top content resonating right with your clients.

For best and more manageable results, consider automating reports to eventually get the best scoop on channels as well as the time of your choice. Again, you can keep tabs right on content performance and users’ behavior to keep your customers updated.

What makes Reportei Unique?

With Reportei, someone can remove or add metrics, add your data analyses, create a timeline of your campaigns using custom videos, text, and images. This means you don’t need to fiddle with the PowerPoint eventually; once you have perfectly created your report, download it as a PDF or preferably send it right to your customer through WhatsApp, Email, or custom link.

Who can benefit from Reportei?

The short answer is many. Industries such as freelancers, Agencies, digital marketing teams, and any company, website, or person looking to analyze and collect their data faster can use this tool.

elementor web development

What are the features included in all Reportei plans?

– One active marketing time on each project

– Unlimited automation

– Channels included in every plan: Facebook Ads, Facebook, YouTube, Google Analytics, Linkedln, Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads.

– The channels included in each plan(cont): Search Console, Google my business, RD station, Mailchimp, and Linkedln Ads.

Reportei Pros

–You can collect all data right from different marketing tools and channels comprising ads and social media.

– GDPR compliant

– No stacking, no codes; you need to select a plat which you feel comfortable with

– Capability to downgrade or upgrade between the three license tiers

– You have lifetime access to your Reportei

– 60-day cash–back warranty

Reportei Cons

– You are supposed to activate your reportei license within 60 days of buying; although this is not a con, some people find it tiresome.

Reportei Plans & Prices

reportei monthly price

Reportei has a custom price range for

– Single company,

– NGO,

– Agency with more than 20+ customers.

Reportei International Language Support

Reportei supports 4 major international languages. This feature gives it acceptance all over the world. This is a unique feature.


reportei international language support


Overall, Reportei makes it faster and straightforward to effectively collect the data across our channels for more detailed marketing insights and personalized and client-ready reports. How do you see it, investing in Reportie?

For the first three days after signing into Reportei, you are given free tries, and this is an advantage since you can know this tool better and its features to make a perfect decision. More important above review can help you understand the facts and any other essential information before purchasing Reporti. Why don’t you give it a trier?


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