How to set up Google Analytics 4 on a WordPress website?

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Many unseen data are left behind if we leave our website without any analytical software. With proper data analysis, many people boost up their business and make money. So it is your time.

It is a bit technical for some of us to set up and use analytical software on our website.
Do you have the interest to know?
Do you want to know how to set up Google Analytics 4 on a WordPress website?

Here I will briefly show you the setup steps of Google Analytic 4 on a WordPress website.

Let’s Go.

Login in WordPress dashboard

First login into your / client WordPress website. With administration privilege. 


Install Google Analytics plugin

First, we need to install a lightweight plugin named GA Google Analytics.  

Install that on your WordPress website.

Activate that one.

wp-admin dashboard

Plugin settings

You will find the setting of this plugin on Settings > Google Analytics

Here we have to put GA Tracking ID

GA GoogleAnalytics_TrackngID

Google Analytics A/C Setup

Search at Google > Google analytics. 

Create an account (for the first-time users). 

You need to fill out the questionnaire about the website and business. 

It is a simple process.

google analytics new account
Google Analytics Account Setup image1
Google Analytics Account Setup image2

Create a Data Stream

From the Admin panel of Google Analytics, we have to create a Data Stream.

Create a Data Stream image1
data stream progress
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Paste GA Measurement ID on WordPress site control panel

After creating the Data Stream successfully, we will get a Tracking ID.

Copy that GA Tracking ID and Paste that on the website control panel.

insert GA Tracking ID on wp-admin

Paste Global Site Tag on WordPress site control panel

Now go back to Google Analytics A/c

From Tagging, Instructions find the Global site tag

copy_paste Global Site Tag on wp-admin
custom tracker object


MAKE Sure 

Two radio button options are selected

  1. Global Site Tag
  2. Include tracking code in page head (via wp_head)

Finally, click on the Save Changes button.


Q: How to verify that Google Analytics works on your WordPress website?

A: From a new browser, visit your website.

Now log in to your Google Analytics A/c

Go to Admin > Real-Time > Real overview you will find one visitor.

This way can verify whether Google Analytics is working or not.



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