While I was writing this article, Elementor claimed, 8M+ websites use their theme. That is a unique success story for any page builder indeed.

When I was working with WordPress I was struggling with combining design and development. Even teeny-weeny customization on the footer takes a couple of hours and depends on many lines of code. When Elementor comes with its dynamic drag and drop option, widgets, and pixel-perfect design and I can take a breath.

Do you quickly want to know – How to use Elementor Pro for professional web development?

Elementor can meet the business goals of Web Designers, Developers, Marketers, Agencies, Small Business Owners, Portfolio Web Builders, Funnet Builders. It is a storm of WordPress web creation. I am going to discuss this a bit more.


What is Elementor?

Elementor is one of the most featureful page builders of WordPress. With this theme, you can quickly create from Landing pages to Webshops.


Elementor has two versions

Free – This is a regular version like other page builders and is good enough to make a simple website.

Pro – This is a pack of advanced features for making a very professional website. Here you get tons of widgets, customization, design & layout possibilities.

Elementor’s Basic Strong Features


Real-time web development.

No coding for the development. Just drag and drop the widget in the development area and see the output on the fly.

Responsive design.

All the web on Elementor is super responsive. This theme and its templates are customizable for desktops, Laptops, Tabs & Mobile devices.

Positioning Flexibility.

You can get rid of Fixed and Absolute position issues. Drag and drop each element in any position you wish.

Colors & Typography.

From Site Setting, you can control the global color codes and global fonts. That gives your website a consistent look.

Padding & Margin.

You can create a more complex overlapping layout section. Can control section margins and padding.

Stack of Designer Made Templates.

300+ beautifully crafted templates are in Elementor, which are feet for any trade.

Theme Builder.

Design your site visually from top to bottom. It gives you control over every part of the site.

WooCommerce Builder.

With Elementor Pro you can create ultimate WooCommerce websites, control and customize all pages of your webshop. It also reduces third-party plugin dependency and increases the conversion rate.

elementor web development

Easy Workflow Features.

With the help of Easy navigation, Finder, Hotkeys, AutoSave, Revision History, Draft Mode, Shortcut Cheatsheet, In-line Editing, No Coding, Full website kits, Site Setting, Kits Library will accelerate your development process Easier and Faster.

Background Element Features.

You can add background gradients, videos, or another layer. You are allowed to customize responsive background images for many devices. Moreover, you can create a slideshow and use that one as a background in any module of your site. With Elementor Pro you can mix up background and background overlays which will create nice looking blend effect.

Some more mentionable features on design perspectives are Global Custom CSS, CSS Filters, Box Shadow, Absolute Position, Motion Effects, Gradient Button, One-Page Websites, Shape Divider, Text Path Widget will make your site stand out from the crowd.

Marketing Features.

The landing page creation process is easy and fast. Hotspot widget can create customizable image hotspots.
That will get attention and an engaging website.
With the Elementor editor panel, you can create different forms live. Multi steps forms of Elementor can achieve a better user experience and lift your conversion rate.
You can create pixel-perfect popups that include advanced targeting options.
Elementor rotating testimonial carousel widget will give your business a realistic customer option and help your business to reach another level. The countdown widget is also very sensible. Star rating widgets support you to show social proof of your website.

Typography Features.

Font family, size, weight, transform, shadow, style, decoration, line-Height are easy to use. It supports Google Font, SEO-friendly HTML tags for titles, and a Drop Cap feature to create the stylish look of the site. Elementor offers TypeKit Integration to implement throughout the whole project.

Layout Features.

Section and Columns width, height, margin, padding are easily visible.
Content positioning, Z-index, Vertical & Horizontal Flexbox Alignment, Nested columns, In-line Elements, and Fixed Positions will present you with an outstanding layout. All of these features are 100% Responsive.

Theme Builder Features.

This part of Elementor is only for the Pro version. Many advance options are available here, such as – Visual guide, Dynamic Content & Color, Display conditions, Sticky Header, Single-post, Custom fields Integrations, Archive page404 page, Search Result page, etc. Elementor Pro reduces dependency on the plugin. You will get a better user interface and experience. Great, isn’t it?

Theme Content Features.

Elementor Pro makes this showcase with a group of widgets. Here you will get – Nav Menu, Login Form, Search, Post, WordPress Comments, Portfolio, Table of Contents, etc. They are easy to plug and play.

eCommerce Features.

Elementor Pro has some classified widgets. These will help you to build a webshop promptly. Other options like coupon, upsell, cross-sell, inventory managements are also very convenient. Here you will get Price Table, Price List, Woo Products, Woo Categories, Woo Add to Carts, Woo Elements, PayPal Button widgets.

Forms Features.

Elementor Pro comes with a bundle of widgets that will make the process easier to signup, follow up, the email system with clients. Mentionable widgets are Contact Forms, Subscription Forms, Login Form, Action After Submit, Confirmation Email, Email HTML/Plain, Custom Messages, Advanced Form Fields, Hidden Fields, Acceptance Fields, Honeypot, Form Submissions, etc.

Integration Features.

Lots of Third Party plugins and services have good integration with Elementor Pro. Elementor comes up with an easy solution for digital marketers to get more subscribers, secure messaging, social media marketing, and increase their conversion rate. I should mention some of them like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Campaign Monitor, HubSpot, Zapier, Adobe TypeKit, Discord, GetResponse, Drip, ReCaptcha V3, Facebook SDK, Facebook Embed, MailerLite, Slack, Font Awesome 5, Custom Icon Libraries, etc.

Library Features.

With Elementor Pro you can design customized elements and reuse, export/import, search & filter, and shortcode embed anywhere in your project. These features will give design consistency with less effort.


no coding

Media Features.

Everybody knows that Images and videos are more engaging. Multi-Media features are implemented here with some widgets. Like Media Carousel, Sliders, Lightbox Overlay, Video Embed Options, SoundCloud, Google Maps, Showcase Videos, etc.

Interaction Features.

Better customer experience will generate a better result. Elementor Pro show up their capabilities of outstanding user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) with Scroll Snap, Scrolling Effects, Call To Action, Animated Headline, Hover Animations, Entrance Animation, Parallax, Mouse Effects, 3D Tilt Effect, Inner Section Widget, etc.

For Web professionals, there are some Advance options are like Safe Mode, Replace URL, Custom CSS, Regenerate CSS, Version Control, Role Manager, RTL Ready, Request Parameters, Custom Attributes, Compatibility Tag, Custom Code, Developer API, Code Highlight widget, etc.

Elementor Pros

– It has a rapid development life cycle.
– Elementor also has a free version.
– Elementor has Big community. Support from this community is an asset.
– Easy drag and drop editor
– No coding experience is required to develop a website.
– Have a good collection of templates.
– Compatible plugins are available.
– Newbie to Expert, everyone can use this Professional Theme.


Elementor Cons

– Sometimes websites load a bit slowly, but it is optimizable.
– Resource hungry up to some extent. I am expecting more integration with other software services.



They offer a very competitive price for different. For the latest price please visit the link.

ElementorPro Price


In conclusion, I can say that Elementro is a highly productive tool for modern and rapid web development. It is so easy even for the beginner and without any coding experience. Do you need a well-crafted website? My answer is you must try Elementor Pro. I believe that you can never give up Elementor Pro.

Feel free to comment if any query pops up in your mind. I will try my best to give you a solution.

Hi, Elementor Pro has 30 days of Money-back Guarantee. Yes, it is a win-win situation indeed. So grab your copy of Elementor Pro and boost your business growth.


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